I’m a Yoga teacher... not sure if I made that clear...


However I'm guessing you want a longer story if you are still reading, so buckle in, it’s a tad convoluted…


Once upon a time, in the city that ‘affordable living’ forgot, there was an award-winning pastry chef that worked in Michelin-starred restaurants. It was our hero’s dream, her passion and a life she loved; but alas, her body and her mental state massively suffered due to the demands of the job… As evidenced by the apparent need to talk about her life in the third-person...


It was such a boy’s club; the typical ‘we do not talk about our problems, we suck it up, and we take as many pills as we can to get on with the job, because nothing is more important’. Before burning out physically, I was already wiped out mentally, I had no space for growing as a person, and having gone from being raised by a well-meaning and loving immigrant family, straight into this high pressure, high octane career, I had never learnt to prioritise my mental wellbeing, my physical body or set boundaries with those around me. 


As I literally crawled away from this career that I had trained in, that I had given my literal blood, sweat and tears to, I was lucky enough to find yoga. I used it to rehab myself, body and mind and learnt I had a natural affinity with the poses, the meditation and the way yoga makes you sit with yourself. In being a chef, I was constantly moving, constantly exploring and innovating with flavours and products, and now that energy was being put back into exploring who I was. 


I wanted to share this with everyone, this ability to be entirely content with exactly the person you are, having exactly the body that you have, and I trained to teach yoga.


Since my first training, I have learnt so much more, and all these years on I still feel there is so much more to learn. I have taught in gyms, in offices, in schools, in universities, community halls and I have loved it all. Now, I am making my classes even more accessible by bringing my classes to your phone or laptop by teaching online. 


(TLDR:  5 years ago, I burnt out of my career and decided to retrain as a yoga teacher after getting off a bus at the wrong stop and spotting an advert for a yoga studio on a notice board.)


I can’t wait to hear from you and help you go further down your own yoga journey.